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Technology Services

P&J Computers Inc. Provides Professional Technology Services to Reduce Your IT Expenses, Improve Bottom Line

P&J Computers Inc. will reduce your IT expenses, sure, but more than that we want to show you how technology can be used to help you produce more revenue, improve your bottom line, and accommodate future growth.

Our technology services include:


Network Solutions

A secure network foundation gives you the ability to provide unique capabilities and tools to your employees, and we’ll make sure your network is properly implemented and configured for optimal performance.

Storage Solutions

The need for storage is increasing at a rapid rate. For most businesses, their ability to continue day-to-day operations relies on their data – and ultimately, when it comes to data storage and security, there’s no room to make mistakes.

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We’ll start with a virtualization assessment to provide accurate, up-to-date performance information on your existing environment along with recommended architectural solutions for virtualizing.

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Network Security

As new business requirements and practices emerge, the traditional business network perimeter is shifting – we need to be able to connect to anyone, at anytime, using any device; all while maintaining the highest level of security and protection for company data and resources.

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Wireless Networking

In today’s rapidly evolving business market, you must strive to deliver products and services more efficiently than ever before.  We provide Wireless Networking Solutions & Technologies to keep employees connected to the network’s applications, content, and communication channels whether employees are at their desk or working remotely.

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Hardware and Software Procurement

When you’re investing in hardware and software, you’re spending tons of money that you don’t want to waste. We help you procure the right hardware and software for your unique needs and budget.

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A more efficient IT infrastructure allows your workers to get more done, finish projects faster, and produce more revenue.

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