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Storage Solutions

Professional Network Storage Solutions Help Albany Businesses Better Manage and Store Information

Are you looking for an easier way to manage and store all of your vital information? Network storage solutions make managing and storing your data easy. Instead of having to deal with everyone’s computer in the office separately, a network storage solution lets you back up everyone’s files to a single piece of equipment. And when disaster strikes, you’ll have lost just minutes of progress once everything is restored, not hours.

P&J Computers Inc. provides network storage solutions designed to keep you going without sacrificing the security of your sensitive information. Call us at (518) 459-6712 or send us an email: for more information. 

When you’re looking for the best possible solution in terms of data storage, we’re here to help – offering network storage solutions that give you a convenient and centralized way to backup vital information for better:

  • Protection against threats: Our network storage solutions offer on-disk data encryption to protect all information stored.
  • Ability to recover after disasters: Our network storage solutions can include onsite and offsite backup to ensure restoration is quick.
  • Freedom to store applications: Our network storage solutions let you store new applications instead of simply storing data for added flexibility.

Give us a call at (518) 459-6712 or send us an email at for more information about network storage solutions and our other IT services.

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