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Cloud Solutions

The Cost-Cutting and Productivity-Enhancing Benefits of the Cloud

Your company in growing, and as a result, you need to find new ways of enhancing productivity and freedom amongst staff members. You’ve likely heard of the cloud – offering accessibility from any device or location without breaking the bank, but do you know what cloud services are right for you? Are you aware of the benefits offered through each type of cloud service?

P&J Computers Inc. is here to help you leverage the right cloud services for your unique needs – letting you access important files and applications from any device or location.
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Cloud computing is an innovative way to access important applications and data via the Internet; giving you anytime, anywhere access so you’re able to work on the go. The benefits are clear:

  • More freedom to get work done as you access all of the resources you depend on, from any device or location, to keep communication and collaboration flowing.
  • Greater scalability to suit your needs as you’re able to scale your service according to how many users you have/how much storage you need.
  • Enhanced performance with less downtime as the newest updates and patches will be applied without having to worry about maintaining hardware.
  • Simplified recovery of important information when disaster strikes as you’re always able to restore quickly and efficiently.

We offer a wide range of cloud services, depending on your unique needs and budget:


Business Continuity Solutions

You and your staff members depend on your data – from customer records to financial information, you rely on your data to get you through the workday; however, when data isn’t accessible due to human error, cybercrime, or natural disaster, you’re left unproductive, unable to serve your customers, and of course, unable to continue operations. The truth is, data can easily be lost or stolen – you need to prepare for inevitable disasters.

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Managed Data Backup

A cloud-based backup solution will keep your files secure no matter what happens to your office (hardware failure, fire, flood, etc.), and after a disaster everything will be restored with just minutes of progress lost.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a powerful cloud solution backed by Microsoft. We can easily help you implement Office 365 in your business, seamlessly moving your important systems and data to its virtual environment so you can get business done with better efficiency, productivity, and accessibility for your end-users.

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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Improves communications with business e-mail and collaboration tools including shared calendars, tasks, contacts, public folders and e-mail. For mobile use, add on Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices – for one low price.

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Email & Spam Protection

Most of us are familiar with the concept of spam – those annoying, potentially dangerous emails that always find their way into your inbox. Are you tired of all those spam emails wasting your time? Do you worry about employees opening spam and getting a virus infection? You must take the proper precautions to prevent spam from entering your network, in order to minimize the risk of virus and/or malware infections.

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Cloud File Sharing

The cloud allows your workers to share files and collaborate on projects from anywhere they can find an internet connection instead of being restricted to the office.

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Web Content Filtering

You’re paying your workers to work, not surf the web. We can block distractions to keep your employees focused, and web content filtering also helps protect your network from malware.

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Email Encryption Services

For most companies, email is the primary method of communication – allowing you to quickly send and receive messages without hassle. But what would happen if an email containing sensitive information fell into the wrong hands? Chances are, you would be left with lost customer trust, potential fines, and legal liabilities. You simply need to keep your sensitive data secure while it’s in transit.

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P&J Computers Inc. will show you how to use the cloud to cut IT-related costs and make your workforce more productive.

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